Get familiar with DDoS Protected DNS service

A DDoS Protected DNS service could be very beneficial for every online business. Unfortunately, the number of initiated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is growing, and their frequency worldwide is terrifying. There is no organization that would want to become a target of such a malicious attack. For that reason, it is best to implement prevention.

What is it?

A DDoS Protected DNS service gives you additional protection and mitigation against DDoS attacks. It incorporates several different tools and techniques for examining the traffic and preventing incoming DDoS attacks. Cybercriminals initiate DDoS attacks by creating massive amounts of malicious traffic and aim to overwhelm the servers of an organization. As a result, the service or website of the victim becomes unable to operate, and it is not capable of answering the requests of regular users.

DDoS protected DNS service plans with fantastic features!

DDoS protected DNS service includes great and beneficial features such as:

  • Deep analysis of the traffic. It gives you the opportunity to better understand the patterns of the traffic and use them for comparison.
  • Distinguish traffic. It helps you recognize regular human traffic and suspicious machine traffic.
  • Filter. It allows you to filter the incoming traffic with whitelisting or blacklisting or some additional parameters. Such type of protection can recognize and prevent bad traffic from reaching your servers.
  • Monitor. Scanning and understanding the entire DNS traffic. In case the system detects an unusual pattern, it is going to notify, and there is a real chance of stopping a potential DDoS attack. 
  • Spread the traffic. In some situations, a simple load balancing technique could be enough to distribute the massive traffic through several DNS servers.
  • If it is necessary, activate Failover. In case one server is unable to operate, it could inform you and direct the traffic to the rest of the DNS servers in your network. That happens automatically, and any human actions are not needed.

Why use DDoS protected DNS service?

In case you are still wondering about implementing DDoS protected DNS service, here are some reasons why it is a great choice:

Easy to manage. It is a really easy task to set it up, then the monitors and failover tool won’t need any further adjustments. They are going to work by themself. 

Downtime. By implementing DDoS protection, your servers will be able to operate with more traffic. Therefore, the chance for DNS outages and downtime is significantly less. Your customers will connect with your service or website quickly.

Great performance. A DNS hosting provider gives you an improved distribution of traffic. So your website or service for sure is going to be available for your visitors even under attack. That way, your performance is outstanding.

Profitable. Being unavailable for your customers means financial losses. That means during the downtime it could cost you a lot. A DDoS protected DNS service is really worth it for avoiding such situations.

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