Advantages of using GeoDNS

GeoDNS is a critical component for your online business. We will see how it works in this article, why it is so beneficial, and where you can find it. But first, let’s start with a definition of the Domain Name System (DNS) before moving on to GeoDNS.

What is DNS?

DNS is a naming database system that locates and converts Internet domain names into IP addresses. Consider it as a directory or, more recently, your phone’s contacts list, where names and phone numbers are accurately linked.

The DNS directory is distributed globally and operates on a daily basis, assisting in the search and reach of millions of existing domain names.

GeoDNS – definition

The GeoDNS or Geographical Domain Name System is a good way to distribute traffic. It operates by replying to queries based on its geographical location. It can alternatively be viewed as a traffic controller or a global controller. 

GeoDNS is a dependable load balancing system that optimizes traffic to domains. Its application helps to solve problems and strengthen networks.

Large-scale solutions are required when there is a lot of traffic. GeoDNS is a must-have if you run a global business. It will give you all of the necessary name servers in critical places across the world to fulfill your needs and markets.

How does it work?

Geolocation is GeoDNS’s secret weapon. Your site’s visitors’ queries will be routed through DNS servers. To interpret traffic with GeoDNS, you can use numerous DNS servers all over the world (depending on your DNS service provider). They will look up each user’s IP address in their database and match it to the information they have on file for that IP address. The traffic is subsequently diverted to the predetermined IP address, which is usually the one closest to the request’s origin.

Why is it beneficial?

Many advantages will affect your company when you set up a GeoDNS service.

Besides that:

  • Configuring GeoDNS is not difficult.
  • Benefits include improved SEO, faster response and loading times, 100 percent uptime, and increased speed.
  • You have more options, and traffic is easier to handle. So, you can divert traffic to a local country or a different state by setting some records using the DNS control panel.
  • You can create limits or break them with GeoDNS to gain access to content. As a result, your visitors will be able to access your material regardless of their location.
  • Your website will be accessible and unaffected by routine maintenance or daily tasks. It is not an issue to shut down a server to update or change it. You have a lot of alternatives for serving all requests and rerouting traffic.

Where can you get GeoDNS?

We have already found out what GeoDNS is and how useful it is. But how can we get it? Most often, GeoDNS can be purchased from DNS Hosting Providers. In some cases, it is offered as a package, in others as an individual service. That is, you will be able to combine it with other services you wish. For example, ClouDNS, Neustar, Constellix, easyDNS, and many others are good providers where you can find GeoDNS. To sum up, you can get a Geographical Domain Name System as a service from DNS Providers. So, consider your requirements. How many queries do you anticipate, and which places are significant to you? The answer to these questions will also determine which provider to choose. Good luck!

CDN and GeoDNS: How they are related?

The relation between them is that you can create your own CDN with GeoDNS. Creating a CDN using GeoDNS is a simple process. First, identify all the endpoints that you want to include within your CDN, such as data centers and origin servers. Next, create a DNS configuration to send all requests to the closest server based on the user’s geographic location. This configuration can involve setting up a GeoDNS record for each of your endpoints, which then points to the closest server for the user. Once that’s done, configure your DNS servers so that they are able to look up the closest server and then direct the incoming traffic accordingly. Finally, test your new GeoDNS/CDN configuration to ensure that it is working properly and that it results in a significant improvement in performance and speed.


In the final stages, we can say that GeoDNS can be of great benefit to your online business. That includes improving SEO, better loading time, 100% uptime, etc. So don’t hesitate and take advantage of this excellent service!

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